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My name is Jennifer Lemmen, I am a recent graduate with an Associate's degree in Game Art. As a dedicated artist, I specialize in illustration, character design, animation, and 3D modeling. With a passion for bringing imagination to life through visual storytelling, I have honed my skills and am now eager to turn my passion into a fulfilling career. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to creativity, I am excited to contribute to the world of art and creations.

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My proudest work in animation

My proudest work in illustration


Check out what I have done in my internships.

2D Artist internship

Debuz Company Limited

Graphic Designer internship

Het Oertijd Museum

I’m an artist. I can make you an illustration, character design, animation and 3D modeling.

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5 July 2023

SintLucas MBO Graduation

I received an associate's degree in Game Art

5 July 2023

30 January 2023 till 29 May 2023

Internship: Het Oertijd Museum Boxtel

I was a graphic designer intern at the museum.

What I made in this internship: 

  • 1 poster about the geologist timeline
  • 1 illustrated map of the inside of the museum
  • 1 treasure map for children's birthday party
  • 1 artist's impression of Mosasaurus
  • 1 3D modeled old Roman armband.

9 September 2021 till 14 January 2022

Internship: Debuz Company Limited

I was a 2D artist intern at the game company in Thailand.

What I made in this internship:

  • Designed 1 character with 9 emotes for game 'Dummy'
  • Made 11 cosmetic assets for in-game profile for game 'Dummy'.
  • Drew 1 profile picture/banner for a club in the game 'Dummy'.
  • Made 6 animated cosmetic assets for in-game profile for game 'Dummy'.
  • Created 50 items for NFT project 'Hungry Meow'.

9 September 2021 till 14 January 2022

(??) August 2019

Enrolled in SintLucas MBO

Studied Game Art.

June 2019

Graduated SintLucas VMBO

I'm ready for SintLucas MBO

June 2019

August 2015

Enrolled in SintLucas VMBO

It all started here.

June 2015

Graduated in Stedelijk College EIndhoven EOA

I can speak Dutch now

June 2015

August 2013

Enrolled in Stedelijk College Eindhoven EOA

I can't speak Dutch.

13 August 2013

The Netherlands

I moved to the Netherlands, very cold.

13 August 2013

20 June 2001


I was born on this day in Samut Prakan, Thailand.